Sunday, August 4, 2013

Early Works

This summer Kathryn and I have tried to have an "adventure" for our little ones each week. Last week we went to Early Works. We first went to Moe's for lunch. That was our first time to eat there. Yummy!! After lunch, we headed to Early Works. Katie Lee was so excited and told Langdon about it on the way.

Katie Lee and Daniel ready to go inside.   
Attempt to get a picture of all three. 

First up, a little music to set the mood. 
I think Daniel could have spent hours right here.  If he was not making the music, he was dancing and spinning  in circles on the map. 

Katie Lee quickly dressed for the setting and she stayed dressed until the end. 
Building federal homes and roads in Alabama with blocks. 
Horse and buggy was the way settlers entered Alabama.  Katie Lee could not believe that they moved everything that they had in one buggy.  I also told her that most people back then only had two outfits.  She was amazed. 

General store

Back to the music. 
Keel boat.  Daniel lifting the flag to show that they were a peaceful boat. 

Soon, they discovered Biscuits area.  This is a great play area for little kids.  They played for a very long time. 

Not going to miss a thing.
I think they had a fun time. All were asleep on the way home for a little while. 

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