Monday, October 27, 2008

More from the Garden

Botanical Gardens

Sunday after church we went to the Botanical Gardens to see all of the scarecrows. They were not the cute normal looking scarecrows. They were much more unusual, but cute. Katie Lee had so much fun just getting to run, smell all the flowers, and her favorite pick up rocks!

Supper with the Smith's

Saturday night, we went to Freddy's and Charlotte's for our monthly Smith supper. The food was really good. Katie Lee got to play with Addie Mae. They had so much fun together.

Carving our Pumpkin


Katie Lee also played on the swing set while at the park. She loved it!!

Duck Pond

Saturday afternoon, we visited the duck pond in town. We picked up a loaf of bread to feed the ducks. As you can see from the pictures Katie Lee was more excited about feeding herself than feeding the ducks.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Picking

Saturday afternoon, we took Katie Lee to pick out a pumpkin. She really enjoyed being outside in the wind and touching on all of the pumpkins.

Happy Birthday Jasper

Saturday, we celebrated Jasper's birthday with his family and friends. It was a great party with a big slide that Katie Lee and Donnie loved. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASPER!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Open House

Tonight, we had our PTA Open House at school. Mother brought Katie Lee to me after school. She had so much fun playing in my classroom,up and down the hall, and in any other teachers' room she decided to visit. She also loved playing with the other teachers' kids. When we got to the meeting in the gym, we had to stand for the pledge of allegiance. Katie Lee must have thought that we were praying because as soon as the children said please stand for the pledge, she put her hands together to pray and clapped when it was finished. How cute is that. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to the Grid Stone

I had to go back to work today. :( Our fall break was last week and it was just great being at home with Katie Lee. I told Donnie this morning that I thought that I should just quit teaching and be a stay at home mommy. His response was--1. get up and go to work and 2. I think I'll just quit and be a stay at home dad. Needless to say I went back to work today. Less than a month to our next day off---not that I am counting. :)

Funnies on Sunday

We had church yesterday at 3 because of the meeting, so after church we wnet by Aunt Kitty's house. We decided that we would get groceries in while Donnie and Katie Lee ran to pay for something with our cows. Donnie looked in Kathryn's frig. for something to drink before we left, and Katie Lee decided that she needed to check it out too. Kathryn had some left over ham in the bottom of the frig. from lunch. Katie Lee just lifts the tin foil and helps herself to a slice of ham. :) It was just too funny to see this one year walking around with a slice of ham. She even took it with us.


Katie Lee loves to hear us sing. Not sure why--none of us have a real good voice. Anyway, at one of my baby shower's Ida Nell gave her a book with Bible songs in it. It is her FAVORITE book. We spend at least 30 minutes daily singing from this book. Katie Lee knows which songs goes with what page and picture and wants you to sing. Saturday night we were all playing in our bedroom and she found the book and wanted to sing. We all sang for a long time. I even sang the wrong song for one of the pages and she was sure to let me know. I think it is so funny that she so smart to figure all of that out when she is so little. She never ceases to amaze me.

Happy Birthday Dilyn

Saturday, we went to Dilyn's 4th birthday party. As soon as we walked in, Dilyn grabbed Katie Lee's hand and took her to jump. I really thought that Katie Lee may not like it, but she just had a ball. They played and had so much fun. Happy Birthday Miss Dilyn

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Donnie

Today is Donnie's 32nd birthday. Katie Lee and I met him for lunch. Happy Birthday to the best husband and daddy. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Helping Daddy

Donnie washed my truck this afternoon, and of course Katie Lee had to help. She is such a bigh helper.

The End of our Trip

On our way home, we stopped for lunch and let Katie Lee playing outside for a while. She rode in the car seat with no troubles the entire time

. The sad news of our trip... As we were leaving neighbor's to Donnie' uncle called and told us that they thought that someone had broken it to his house. Sure enough when we got there, it was obvious that someone broke right in. We called the police and waiting for them to check it out. The trashed his house. The police said that it looked like the person who broke in knew that he did not live there and was only after money or drugs. Neither of which was there. He did get away with a couple of guns. Luckily Virg. is not leaving there anymore who knows what someone would do to an old man.

Ruby Falls

This morning we decided to do a little more sight seeing before our trip home. We went to Ruby Falls. It was amazing to see the inside of a cave and the waterfall that far underground. It was a good long walk down into the cave. Katie Lee was a real trooper. She took it all in and loved touching the rocks. After we got to the fall, she saw it, and she feel asleep.

Trying to Out Smart a One Year Old

After our long Saturday night, we decided that we would try something different to get Katie Lee to sleep on Sunday night. We decided to let her play in the pool close to bedtime. Not planning on swimming on this trip, I packed no bathing suits. So we did the next best thing, swim in her clothes. She and Donnie got in the pool for a while. She is pretty brave considering this was about the second time she has ever been in a pool. She even wanting Donnie to catch her from the side of the pool. Anyway, all of the swimming and playing worked. After the pool and a bath, she was ready for a good nights rest. :)

More fun

Saturday night, Katie Lee would not go to sleep. I guess the change in environment messed her she. She played and played in our hotel room until finally she wore down. She loved playing in the TV/closet. Sunday after church, we spent the afternoon shopping. Donnie said that eating and shopping was all we ever do on a trip. I think he may be right. Oh well, I had a good time.

What a Fun Weekend

This weekend we took a quick trip up to Chattanooga. We had such a great time. It was a much needed get away. We left Saturday morning and our first stop was the aquarium. We had never been and I really did not know if Katie Lee would even pay any attention to it. What was I thinking? Miss Never Miss A Thing---loved it!!!! She thought that the penguins were so funny. She would just laugh and point to them talking in her own words. Then we moved on to the fish. She loved them too. Donnie and I thought that it was great, too.