Sunday, August 16, 2015

Daniel's funnies

Some of Daniel's funny things he says and does because I don't want to forget them. 

Sunday school funnies from his teacher.
 She was telling them that they can talk to God when they pray and He talks to them in the Bible. Daniel holds the Bible up to his ear and says hey I can't hear him. 
Learning about Jacob and Esau and how Esau is red skin.  Daniel ask, "why didn't he just wear sun screen?" 
Learning about Lot and his wife and they made Lot's wife with salt on paper.  He says that is Lot's wife and she is fragile cause she turned to salt and glue. 

Daniel has been getting up before 6 for the last couple of weeks, so I got him a clock and told him he could not get up until 7:00. Donnie went in to wake him up at 7:22 and Daniel was watching the clock and told Donnie his mommy told him not to get up until it is 7 dot dot 0 0. Guess I should have just said 7 and covered the last two numbers

Daniel why did you only talk to Mrs. Sims at school and not to Mrs. Beaman or Mrs. Bedwell.  He say, " Cause I could not spell their names." 

It is the middle of July and about 100 degrees outside. Daniel comes home and wants to put on flannel footed pajamas. Maybe we are keeping our house a little too cool.

This morning I am telling Katie Lee that she will go with me to school this afternoon so I can screen kindergarteners. She looks at me so funny and says,"why are you going to scream at kindergarteners." Then when we pick up Daniel Mother tells me that he told her, she had to scream at kindergarteners at her school." FOR THE RECORD NO KINDERGARTENERS WERE SCREAMED AT TODAY.

What happens when your 3 year old little boy spends the night with his best cousin, swims Sunday night and Monday and plays really hard? He falls asleep at 6:00 on the way home and sleeps until 7:00 the next morning. I think that was a successful sleep over. Thanks Aunt Kitty

I painted a bookshelf last night so today when we went out I was looking at it and said I think it needs one more coat. Daniel looks at me so seriously and says why is it cold?

Hey mommy you can't wash my face or brush my hair because it will hurt my goosey egg. Purple forehead today

Hey mommy is it ok if I just eat these super hero chips for breakfast. Old people like to eat these chips.

As we are going through the car wash, I'm taking about the different colored lights trying to help Daniel like it better an he says oh I had to keep my eyes closed because if I look at those different colors my eyes will change colors just like Pete the cats shoes changes colors.

Some little boy has undoubtedly had a hard day. He was talking to Aunt Kitty on the phone and after a couple of minutes said whew this is wearing me out so I will talk to you later. Then tonight as I am clean out my side of the garage he is watching me and says boy this is just exhausting I need to go sit down while you finish. Silly boy!! It is tough to be 3.

Hey mommy I am going to sleep with my frog hat on cause it is comfy and I won't sleep good if I hear daddy snoring so I got to wear it over my ears. Silly boy

Daniel--"Hey mommy, do you know what monkeys drink? Water from an elephant's nose." No idea where he gets this stuff from

Daniel-- "Hey mommy what color are my eye blinkers?"

As we are buying groceries and walking by the fruit, Daniel says I love fruit especially the fruits of the spirit. Guess what we are learning about in the 3-4 yr old class on Wednesday nights

Just told the kids that they had to take baths in a little bit. Daniel says, " I don't need a bath just smell me mommy I don't stink."

 Hey Look I have an umbrella. 

Spa Party

Katie Lee celebrated turning 8 with some of her favorite friends from church. After a lot of talking, Katie Lee decided on a spa party.  All the girls came over around 6 with their most relaxing pajamas and no mamas.  ( A party with no parents--- BIG DEAL for some of these girlies.  HA HA)  

We started off with supper of Chick-fil-A nuggets, chips, dip and fruit. 

We did get in a couple of pictures of our little family before the boys were sent away.  This was also a no boys allowed party which did not set well at first for one little boy. 

Finally it was just the girls.  Love this sweet birthday girl. 

After eating, Katie Lee opened gifts while we got the spa things ready. 

Baby Caroline had Katie Lee a personalized pillow sham. 

Caroline was right in the mix with the big girls. 

Spa time.
I started off given each girl a relaxing mask. 

Then the face cream which none of the girls really liked the goo on their face. 

While the big girls relax, Caroline enjoys a little snack. 
Then it was time for the spa stations. 

Design your own flip flops. 

Making sugar foot scrub.  

Then it was time for dessert.  Cookie cake, nail polish marshmallows, and ice cream..

Katie Lee was happy to have her grammie, aunts, and cousins here  to help. 

After the girls went home and the boys came back, they had lots of fun playing with Donnie.

Katie Lee had a great party.