Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spa Party

Katie Lee celebrated turning 8 with some of her favorite friends from church. After a lot of talking, Katie Lee decided on a spa party.  All the girls came over around 6 with their most relaxing pajamas and no mamas.  ( A party with no parents--- BIG DEAL for some of these girlies.  HA HA)  

We started off with supper of Chick-fil-A nuggets, chips, dip and fruit. 

We did get in a couple of pictures of our little family before the boys were sent away.  This was also a no boys allowed party which did not set well at first for one little boy. 

Finally it was just the girls.  Love this sweet birthday girl. 

After eating, Katie Lee opened gifts while we got the spa things ready. 

Baby Caroline had Katie Lee a personalized pillow sham. 

Caroline was right in the mix with the big girls. 

Spa time.
I started off given each girl a relaxing mask. 

Then the face cream which none of the girls really liked the goo on their face. 

While the big girls relax, Caroline enjoys a little snack. 
Then it was time for the spa stations. 

Design your own flip flops. 

Making sugar foot scrub.  

Then it was time for dessert.  Cookie cake, nail polish marshmallows, and ice cream..

Katie Lee was happy to have her grammie, aunts, and cousins here  to help. 

After the girls went home and the boys came back, they had lots of fun playing with Donnie.

Katie Lee had a great party. 

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Courtney said...

What a fun birthday party! Looks like so far 8 is great!