Friday, July 17, 2015

American Girl Store

Catching up on all of our summer fun. Katie Lee joined a bunch of girls from her class at the new American Girl Store in Nashville for a little fun shopping and lunch at the Bistro.  The girls used their GS cookie money for their purchases.   

Time for lunch.  We had set reservations right when the store began taking them.  We were set for small groups every 15 mins.  Lucky for us no one else had booked that day so they were able to set all of the girls at the same time.  They loved having everyone and their dolls together. 


The moms all got to sit together too. 

Katie Lee ordered a special decorate your own cupcakes for dessert. 

Katie Lee had a hair appointment and ear piercing for her doll.  This is a really cute thing that the American Girl Store has. 

What a fun day to spend with her friends outside of school. 

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