Monday, January 23, 2012

#23--Something Old

Today's challenge is something old. I selected this chest of drawers. When Donnie and I got married I inherited a house full of things. I had moved into to his house that he was born and raised in until our house was finished. I got the good with the bad. :) I knew that we would only be living in that house for a few more months so I just used what was aready there. I did change the border in the kitchen and painted the foyer. I tried to make his house become our home. It worked for the time being. Anyway, I did save a few things from that house to be used in our new home. One of items was this chest of drawers. It was in his mother's room. I was a light brown color that matched her bed. I painted it and changed the hardware. It holds my table linens. I used it in our dining room at our first home, kitchen area at the rental and now it is in our kitchen of our home. I would love to paint it a turquoise shade and put it at the top of the stairs but I have nothing else to put at that spot in the kitchen so it will have to stay put until then.

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