Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#6 Makes You Smile

Today's photo challenge is Make You Smile.

Well, guess who is full of smiles in the last few days.

Sweet Daniel is really beginning to smile more often when I talk to him.

Yesterday, Katie Lee was playing with him which doesn't happen often. Anyway, as soon as he got his eyes focused on her he just smiled the sweetest little smile.

On a completely different note, we had to take Daniel for a Barium swallow test yesterday. He is a noisy breather, but lately it has seemed worse. Monday, I took him to the doctor. She first checked him for RSV because she said that it was running wild. He did not have it, so she wanted him to have this test run to make sure he did not have anything blocking his air way and did not have acid reflux. We had to take him the the hospital for the test yesterday morning. This is the picture of him in his little hospital gown. He did great and drank the drink with no problems. He even smacked his lips a little so it must have tasted pretty good. He was fine. They think that his muscles in his neck was just not strong enough yet and should improve in the next few months.

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