Saturday, January 21, 2012

#9 Daily Routine

Today's challenge is daily routine. This one just cannot be done with one picture so here are several from our day.

This is a typical MWF day. Our day usually begins around 6:45. (Love getting to sleep in since I am not working right now.) I get ready and get KL ready for preschool. I drop her off and return home a little after 8. Daniel is usually is asleep when I pick him up from his bed, in the car to drop her off, and returns to his bed until about 9 when he is ready to eat again.
In the mean time, I do laundry (NEVER ENDS!!) and clean.
After Daniel's bottle around 9, I get him cleaned up for the day, we play a little, and then he is back to sleep.

We pick KL up from preschool. I love how she always says that everything was her favorite part of preschool every day.

We pick up lunch.

The rest of the afternoon is playing until about 2.
At 2 it is nap time. So far, both of them have nap at the same time.

Then it is supper time (often at Mother's).

Back home for baths.

Then it is bedtime.

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