Friday, January 6, 2012

Child's Play

I love to watch Katie Lee play. Her imagination is too funny. Tonight she is playing with notepad and a pencil. You would think that she would be drawing or writing but she wasn't. At first she was "reading" our to do list and checking to make sure that we had completed all "34" tasks for the day. She said that it said, " Children, help your mommy and daddy with cleaning house." Then this same notebook turned into a chart using an easel so that she could play school. She loves to play school and being the teacher.

Then it became an eye chart. It then became a doctor's charts and she was the nurse. She was calling the patient back to see the doctor. "Helums, H-e-l-u-m-s, are you in here."

Checking out her patient.
The sweet little "patient/ student/baby doll" or whatever else Katie Lee decides he should be is already loving his sister. She thinks she can calm him down when he gets upset and most of the time she can.

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