Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Growing too Fast

Katie Lee just never stops amazing me. Everyday here lately I come home and she has a new word or a new thing that she has learned to do. Today I got home and Mother told me that she was trying to climb into the TV to play with Barney and the other people on that show. Maybe she is going to have a vivid imagination or maybe she just really needs some kids to play with. Either way, I think that is pretty cute.
She has also decided she should just go free. I mean naked! She would to run around "Neck Neck" all of the time if I would let her. She has learned to take her diaper off even when it is not the cleanest diaper. I think it is time to potty train.

She is just growing and changing way too fast. I am loving every minute of it and trying to not miss anything.

Another favorite is when she wakes up around 5:30 (not 2:00a.m.) and I put her in the bed with us. I have to be up in 15 minutes anyway. She and Donnie go right back to sleep. They sleep the same way--hands over head.

Here she is running around "NeckNeck." She got away too fast while I was getting her ready for bed. I am sure that she would have had the top off too, but it is the Minnie Mouse top from Poppie.


Dana said...

That is hilarious! I know exactly how you feel. Yesterday I went into the twins room to get Dylan up and the diaper was off and he had pee peed all in the bed. I thought it was funny so I took pictures. Kaylee had a bad dream so she got in the bed with us. Jason told me this morning that when he woke up Kaylee had her leg over my hip. She really likes to be touching you at all times. They grow up too fast! Enjoy your day!

Alicia said...

Where does the time go? It's so much fun to watch them grow and each stage is more fun than the last but if I ever stop to think about it I'll cry. I love that even though she's "neck, neck" she still remembers her ladylike modesty for her pictures:)Too cute!

Alicia said...

By the way we missed you at church last night! Hope Katie Lee's feeling better soon! Lillian told us it was all her fault:)