Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

We said goodbye to 2012 and  welcomed 2013 in a big way last night. We had lots of yummy food at Mother and Daddy's.

Happy New Year watching the Moon Pie drop. 
Sweet Daniel was ready to celebrate but did not make it to midnight. 
This picture I had to add for memory sake even though it is hard to see.  Here's the story.... Last week when we celebrated Christmas with the family, it was raining when we got there so Donnie pulled over to the side yard to park so it would not be as far to walk in the rain.  Kathryn told him that it might get stuck.  His response was that my SUV was 4 wheel drive and HE was a professional.  Well, it rained very hard the entire time we were there.  Needless to say, my truck is not 4WD and we got STUCK!!  Since Kathryn and Donnie LOVE to pick at each other, she could not wait to get him.  She and Zeb had reflective tape running all the way down the drive when we got there.   They were also all standing at the back door to watch his reaction.  THEY GOT HIM GOOD!!! 
These two little boys loved watching a Baby Einstein video.  Langdon also had a shirt on but it got wet so he had to get it off. 
Picture of the three of us.  We never end up in any pictures.
We are ready to ring in the new year. 
Katie Lee gave "Uncle Scott" a new year's kiss. 
Don't you love her hat.  She and Aunt Kitty made it to help pass the time. 
The best parents in the world. 
Aunt Kitty and Katie Lee
Langdon had fallen asleep earlier but woke up a little after midnight. 
I am so thankful that I have these three in this new year. 

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