Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Katie Lee's School Christmas Party

Katie Lee is out for Christmas break. Her last day was party day at school. After chapel her class gathered in the lunchroom for Christmas breakfast.  They were all so excited.  Who wouldn't be-- lots of yummy food and Christmas break!!

After eating they went back to their room to exchange gifts.  They had left their shoes out in the hall and were filled with lots of treats. 

Katie Lee drew Addie's name. 

Katie Lee got an adorable necklace and bracelet from
Mrs. Bauer opened her gift from Katie Lee.  We are loving having this sweet teacher this year. 
After the party, Katie Lee and I headed out for a little girl time including shopping and lunch. 

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racheld said...

I just happened in from Kathy's blog, and was immediately carried back to all those sweet party days when my children were that age---what a thrilling day that always was, with such a special feeling in the air, and PRESENTS from your friends!

I hope you and your charming Little Family the most wonderful Christmas, and will look forward to looking in again in the New Year.