Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Eve--McNatt Christmas

Christmas Eve was a laid back easy kind of day. Donnie had to work and finish helping Santa get all UPS gifts delivered.  Katie Lee made cookies.  She loves baking.   

That night we got ready and headed to Aunt Mary's for the McNatt Christmas. 
The little ones loved playing.  It was so warm that they were able to play outside.  
The men watching football and later played cards.  

The ladies (and Clint)  visited in the living room and "shopped" at Aunt Mary's BINGO store. 

Daniel gave Aunt Mary a gift.  He was so excited and picked it out.  He said that she loved those "chains" and needed some to hang. 
She loved it.   I think she loves him more.  
They hung the wind chimes that look like dishes on her bakers rack in her kitchen.  

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