Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Playing

Katie Lee has had a day full of play. She got up this morning ready to play and is still playing at 8:30. Except for a good nap this afternoon she has played all day long. It is so much fun watching her and her imagination that is growing so fast.

She started her day having to "work" on the house with her saw. She is always having to "work" she says.

We went to Kathryn's for lunch. Here she is ready to go with her Punky Bruster look. She also wanted to take Aunt Kitty the spinning flower. Kathryn has lasagna for us. It was so good!! She has Strawberry shortcake cake for dessert. YUMMY!!

Here is "Wez" (Zeb's name) tractor under the tree. She was very concerned about it and told Aunt Kitty that "Wez, home work Lowes that(point to tractor) up barn."

Walking back from the mailbox.

Cute pictures from playing outside this afternoon. It was so nice outside. It rained just a little but clouded up and cooled off. Perfect playing outside weather.

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