Monday, August 30, 2010

Not A lot Going On

I think I have blogging blahs. Not a lot of photo worthy things happening around here lately. I do have a few things to post from Mother's camera but haven't taken the time to download her pictures.

School is in full swing. It is very busy and with a challenging class. It's going to be a fun year!

Oh a funnier note, this picture hangs over our bed.

Katie Lee thinks that the lady in red is me and I am dancing with Donnie when we got married. The maid is Grammie and the butler is Poppie. She cannot figure out why we are dancing in the rain. Ha HA Not sure why she thinks this but it is cute and I don't think I will tell her different.

House update: I got all but one of the mirrors for our new house last Saturday and the painter should start tomorrow and the porches are ready to be poured. Have I mentioned how ready I am to move in?!?!?

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