Sunday, March 8, 2009

Busy Weekend

I cannot believe that the weekend is over and it is already Monday. This weekend has been packed full and lots of fun. Friday night Scott, Stephanie, Hayden, and Mary Kaitlyn came over. Katie Lee loved them so much and had lots of fun. She wanted Mary Kaitlyn to spend the night she even got in her baby bed and moved to one end to show her where she could sleep. :) Saturday was a very busy day. Mother, Kathryn, and I headed to B'ham for Cottontails. OH I could have gotten so many cute things for Katie Lee!! It had the cutest clothes, bows, room decotations, etc. I got a couple of shower gifts, and Easter pail, sign for Katie Lee's room, an outfit (which is too small), and a beautiful dress for Katie Lee. After shopping at it for a while, we headed for lunch and then to Home Goods. How can you pass up a trip to Home Goods if it is in the town you are in? We have hit three different Home Goods in three different cities since President's Day. We also went to Ross and TJMaxx. I got a really cute dress, pants, and a top for me. Needless to say it was a great day of shopping.
Katie Lee spent the day with her Daddy. I asked her if she had a good day and of course she said yes. I then asked her what she did and she said "work work". :)Donnie had worked in the garden while she played in the yard. She also told me that she saw the "moo" meaning that they had been to the farm to see the cows. Over all, I think that they had a great day. I think it was good for Donnie to keep her all day and see what that is like. She slept like a rock that night.
Sunday---We went to church that morning. After church we grabbed a sandwich and came home. I thought that Katie Lee would be asleep and I could get some cleaning done around the house. She had other plans which were much more fun than cleaning. We played all afternoon. She is loving the warmer weather and getting to play outside. It was windy and she has been tugging at her ear, so she had to wear a hat. After playing outside and then in the bath tub with the bubbles(her new favorite) she was worn out. She had just about fell asleep by the time we were dressed for Sunday night church. She slept the entire church time. After church, mother, daddy, and Kathryn came over for our first cookout of the year. I had also made a cake and Katie Lee was a big help serving it.
What a great weekend! Just think next weekend begins spring break. :)

Serving everyone dessert Sunday night.

Playing outside

Singing 66 books in the Bible with Scott, Stephanie, Mary Kaitlyn, and Hayden

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