Sunday, January 11, 2009

I won an award for a fabulous blog!! :) I have to now tell 5 addictions that I have. So, here they are in no particular order.
5. Diet SunDrop---I love them!! I want one every morning and usually another one or several during the day.
4. Laundry---No, I am really not addicted to it, but it is addicted to our house. It never seems to go away. I do however hate to fold and put it away, so I tend to leave that for Donnie.
3. Drive Home--I love my drive home from work everyday. No traffic ( I use only back roads from Harvest to home), quiet peaceful time, and I get to pick up Katie Lee. :)
2. Shopping--I love to shop.... It does not matter for what I am shopping or even if I purchase anything.
1. Pictures--I love taking pictures of Katie Lee. It seems to be getting harder these days to get a really good picture of her because she is always on the move.

Now I get to pass it along this fabulous award to five others.
Dana C.
Amanda J.

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