Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy Easter to all! 
We had a busy and fun Easter Sunday.  We started off with seeing what the Easter bunny had left.  The littles loved their treats.  We also had bunny pancakes.  After church we had an easy afternoon at home.  Then back to church and over to Mother and Daddy's for supper.  Of course it was so good 
Easter breakfast.  Bunny pancakes.
Grammie and Poppie with their grandchildren. 
Katie Lee (5 1/2yrs.), Langdon (2 years), Daniel ( 1 yr.) 

 Kathryn, Zeb, and Langdon
 I spent a good while Sunday afternoon trying to get a good picture of Daniel and Katie Lee together.  He was NOT intererrested at all.  I did catch this sweet picture.  He is going to  kiss Katie Lee.
 Langdon sharing his ring pop with Daniel.  They are just the best of friends. 
 Another attempt of a picture.  One with closed eyes and the other looks like he is about to be asleep.
 Might be the best one I got of them all day.
 Checking out their Easter baskets. 
 My favorite picture all day.  The three I love the most.
 Sweet Daniel.
 Precious Katie Lee
Our little family.

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