Thursday, September 27, 2012

Disney and a Birthday

Saturday we saw Disney on Ice. Katie Lee was beyond excited. I was not sure how Daniel would do but he LOVED it. Katie Lee sat taking every bit of it in. Daniel clapped and waved the entire time. I was so glad that Donnie and I took them.
As soon as the show was over, we rushed across the park to the Art Museum for James' birthday. This was great for these little girls. They worked so hard on their butterfly.
Laura Beth and James made the cutest cake. James decorated the outside of the cake with her drawings. Laura made a rainbow cake with the prettiest layers of rainbow colored cake on the inside. I wish I had gotten a picture of the inside. I was very pretty.
We had a great day. We finished our day with a little shopping and dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Both little ones slept all the way and went straight to bed by 7:00.

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