Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Fair

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Lincoln County, TN to the fair. If you have never been your really should. It is a sight on SO many levels. HA This was a first for Katie Lee. She had no idea what to expect but was super excited over it when we got there. Right as went entered, we saw our librarian, Mrs. Owen, whose daughter shows goats. Katie Lee loved that Jana let her pet her goats. (My focus messed up on my camera, so no good picture.) Then it was on to the rides. I think she would have gotten on every ride if she could. She filled her time on the little rides and had so much fun.

Arm band on and ready to ride.

Loving every ride
Got lemonade and a prize.
She could not wait to ride the bumper cars. They stood in line for a long time to ride. Here she is all smiles until.... the ride began. She missed the thought that bumper cars means that you get bumped. Scared her to death, so they spent most of their time dodging other cars.
Sweet Daniel loved watching it all. He would just wave and "talk" to everyone.

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