Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Letter G

If you have not talked with Katie Lee about kindergarten, you would have no idea how AWESOME!! it is. She is loving every minute of it. She tells everyone it is AWESOME. Well, Friday was the "most awesomest day ever" according to her. It was Grandparent's breakfast. KL who has not eaten a thing from the lunch room could not wait. Poppie came on his way to work to have breakfast with her. She was BEYOND excited. She was so glad that Poppie was able to come to her school. Lucky for me, I got to get a picture of the two of them after it was over and she was on her way to the gym. Thanks Poppie for making her day special.
Last week they also learned how to spell the word green, so Friday they all wore green. The week before was red but since most of the kindergarten teachers are Auburn fans and that was the day before football season began they just did not mention it. HA Katie Lee is loving it and learning new things each day. She comes home and plays school every afternoon. We had cards pulled all through supper the other night. It is just too cute.

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