Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let's Party

Saturday night we celebrated Katie Lee's graduation with a party just for her. She was so excited about it and it completely centered around her. She planned her menu and everything about the decorations. It turned out to be completely cute and very Katie Lee. :)
Our sweet preschool graduate. Look out Kindergarten here she comes!! I cannot believe how fast she is growing. I know I keep saying that but the last few days have really hit me. Not too long ago I told her to stop growing so fast. She told me, "that is just how God is making me." Well, when I found If I Could Keep You Little, I knew that it was perfect for her. Yes, I cried as I read it standing in Target and everytime I have read it since.
Katie Lee was excited about graduation gifts. Grammie and Poppie gave her her very own Yellowbox flip flops and a Lalaloopsy.
Aunt Kitty, Uncle Wez, and Langdon gave Katie Lee a ring with a K on it along with several books about kindergarten. The ring was Kathryn's when she was a little girl. Katie Lee loved it and was very proud of it since it was Aunt Kitty's. Kathryn is the best at gift giving. She always finds the perfect was of giving special gifts.

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