Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Our original plans for our long Labor Day weekend had to be changed since Virg. fell and broke his hip. We have still had a wonderful weekend just being together. Saturday morning, we headed to breakfast.  After eating,  Donnie checked on Virg, and the littles and I headed to Decatur. Katie Lee was disappointed that we were not getting to go on our little vacay, so I decided we would do some of the things she has been asking to do for a while. Chunk E. Cheese has been at the top of her list for a while now, so we went. It turned out to be great. We got there early so it was not crowed and the littles had so much fun.

They were all about playing some games and winning tickets.   
I love the excitement they had when playing. 

Our souvenir picture and then it was off to redeem our tickets for the junk wonderful prizes that we left with.

After playing for a while, we hit up some Labor Day sales and then headed home.  They must have had lots of fun because they slept all the way and then for about 2 hours when we got home. 

Happy Labor Day!!

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