Monday, September 23, 2013

Lincoln County Fair

Lincoln County Fair is great people watching, family fun, fall kick-off. I am so not a fair person. They really gross me, but this one has kind of become a family tradition.

We got there just in time to watch some of the horse race.   

After that, Katie Lee had to try out a horse of her own.  This was a big deal because she is not an animal person at all. 
With her arm band on, she was ready for the rides. 
Daniel soaked up everything from the comfort of his stroller. 

This ride lasted forever.  It would go forward and then backwards.  I am so glad KL was happy to ride alone, but this one would have done me in if I had been on it. 
Trying to get a good  mommy and me picture with him was just not happening. 
Katie Lee was determined to be at the front of this ride and the little boy that she sat with was determined that she was NOT sitting with him.  Guess who won!? 

This crazy house was her favorite.  Just kept going in.

Farmer Katie Lee with her "shy" cow, Daniel. 


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