Monday, July 2, 2012

The Little Zoo That Could

We visited the little zoo in Gulf Shores. Katie Lee was super excited about it. Donnie and I was not sure what we were in for but was pleasantly surprised at this little zoo. It is rather small but had a good assortment of animals. Most of the animals were under shades so I could not get good pictures. Katie Lee wanted to see a bear most and she was not let down. We saw lions, tigers, bears oh my. Along with lots of other animals.
One special exhibit was the kangaroos. She was able to pet one. She said that was the best part.
She was also able to feed some of the animals mostly goats of different varieties.
This pictures makes me laugh. I think it looks like the goat is about to kiss her.
Daniel just took it all in and would just smile at all the people we passed.

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