Monday, July 30, 2012

So Worth It

We gave Katie Lee a new swing set for her birthday (in a couple weeks). I ordered it on line and it came in this week. So, this weekend was the weekend to put it together. Saturday morning, Donnie, Poppie, Uncle Wez, and Eddie began working on it. Boy, was it a slow process. Katie Lee was beside herself all day. They worked for over 12 hours on it to get it put together.

Finally they finished the playhouse part. She could not wait to try it out.

Later came the slide. Between it being new, humidity, and bare legs it just would not work. Uncle Wez fixed it. BABY POWER worked wonders.

DoWn ShE GoEs!!!

Finally it was complete!!!! Ready to SWING!!!
Daniel LOVED it!!! He would just laugh and laugh as he would swing.
The smile says it all!!
Checking out from above.
Sailing in her ship.
I think the smiles on those little faces made all of the hot long day worth it. Thanks Daddy, Poppie, Uncle Wez and Eddie for all of your hard work!!!

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Sweet Pictures!