Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Than the Beach and Pool

WARNING--THIS POST IS HEAVY WITH PICTURES!! We really had a fantastic trip. I love when we go off together as a family. It is the only time that we get to just slow down and not worry about anything but our little family. It is GREAT!! I guess that is what a vacation should be all about. Of course a vacation has to include lots of good food. That is never a problem for us. This year we ventured off the main strip. The picture below is at one of the best places that we have every eaten at while at the beach. Delicious and not a wait!!
Katie Lee was excited when she spotted a Build-a-Bear. Rainbow quickly became her new best friend. Daniel liked it too. He would just roar at it. Too funny!
Another night, we headed to the Sutton's condo for supper. Had lots of fun visiting with them.
This little sweety was so good during the entire trip. He just smiled at everyone. You never know with a little one if a change in routinue will mess them up, but it didn't with him.
Another little sweety. She had so much fun and was so fun. I love how she gets all excited over everything. She was the best too.
She was all ready with her sweet tea and bag from Lulu's.
We shopped at the outlets one day. We shopped for several hours just taking our time walking around the entire mall. Daniel just played with his feet and then took a nap. I hope he always shops that easily. :)
Katie Lee loved stopping at each riding toy. By the way, what happened to the quarter rides? At the last one we came to, I let both of them "ride".
Another great restaurant. They also get my award for the friendliest staff.
According to Donnie, you can not go on vacation without ice cream. He and Katie Lee ate it every night.
Katie Lee always wanted to open our door, but it would not work everytime she did it. Donnie told her that she had to stand on one leg, close one eye, and stick out her tongue to open the door. To his surprise it worked everytime. She thought she had a magic touch.
One of the best parts of our trip was how much time we had to just play. Katie Lee loves to play hospital. Maybe she will be a doctor. She had "broken" all the bones in her body so she had to get a full body cast. She thought it was hilarious.

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Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

Loved all your pictures. Looks like y'all had a great time and made many wonderful memories!