Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back Seat Conversations

Katie Lee cracks me up with some of the things she talks about. I really wonder where she gets this from. Her most off the wall conversations seem to happen in the car hence the title of this post. I am writing so I will not forget how funny she is at this age. ------------------------------------------------------------ KL-- Mommy, I think I need to start shaving my legs. Me-- Why? KL-- Well, they are getting really long and since it is raining tonight they are just getting to be a big mess. Me-- Maybe you can when you are 12. KL-- How about 11? Me-- We will see. KL-- How about 10? Me-- I think we have a long time to worry about that. KL--OK Mommy. ----------------------------------------------------------- A few minutes later. KL-- I sure am glad that I don't have to take swimming lessons anymore so I don't have to take a bath and wash my hair everynight. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I thought it was funny how one minute she is all worried about shaving her legs and then the next she is not wanting to take a bath. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Donnie-- Katie Lee, look at those dinosaur eggs on the side of the road (watermelon). KL-- Daddy, don't be redicilous that is a watermelon. Donnie-- Are you sure? KL-- Of course I am Donnie--- Well, what if it really did have a dinosaur to pop out of it? What would you do? KL-- Stay calm. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Donnie and I were talking about how much Daniel is growing. Katie Lee hearing our conversation joins in. " You know it seems like just yesterday I was just that little and now look at me. I am all grown up. " --------------------------------------------------------------------- Katie Lee is all big into spotting Bugs since Hayden's girlfriend, Anna, got one for her birthday. As we were driving down the road she spots one. I reach back and tap her and say punch bug. She looks at me strangly, so I explain the game. She thought that was funny. So later that day, she tells me to stick my arm in the back. I had forgot about the earlier conversation and assume that she is giving me something. Anyway, she swats my had and says, " shoo bug." I had no idea what she was talking about. When I asked she quickly reminds me of the game and she is all proud of herself for seeing a bug before me. I think she got shoo fly and punch bug at little mixed up. --------------------------------------------------------------------- We are getting in the car with Aunt Kitty and KL declares, " I am hotter than a fire cracker, Aunt Kitty. Turn the air on to 99." (Everything is 99 right now.) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Katie Lee is talking about our messy garage. I am sure that she has heard from me a time or two. Anyway, she goes on to tell me that she doesn't know why Daddy has a generator because he has never used it. I proceed to tell her that it is a good thing that we have not had to use it, but that we have one if we ever need one. She then goes on to say, "It is just like that cigar that Daddy wanted to smoke for his birthday and it is still out in the garage." By this time I am completely confused as to what she is talking about. So I ask her to tell me again. "You know Mommy, Daddy really wanted that cigar but he still hasn't smoke it. I don't know why he wanted one because smoking is bad for you. Uncle Gary gots a smoker, but he shouldn't smoke." I tell her how Daddy doesn't smoke. Katie Lee, "well, he really wanted that cigar to smoke and it is just out in that junky garage and he is never going to use it." Finally it dawns on me what she is talking about. OUR SMOKER, the red one that is used to smoke meat. I have no idea how she decided it was a cigar or how she even knows what a cigar is.

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