Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silly Effy

This year, Effy has been up to trouble. Every morning, Katie Lee can not wait to see what he has been up to over night. I failed to get pictures every morning, but he has swung from the chandelliers, drank coke from the 2 liters with a strawn, had a party with Lalaloopsy dolls, and slept in a diaper. I did manage to get a couple morning's worth of pictures.

This morning, Effy was sitting on Katie Lee's dressing table wrapped in toilet paper. It seems that he decided to decorate KL's room with toilet paper.
He even decorated her bed with her in it!!

Yesterday, he tried to get a ride on Daddy's deer making it look like Rudolph.

I am not sure who has had more fun Katie Lee or her daddy.

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