Friday, December 23, 2011

Galaxy of Lights

This week, we decided to go see the lights at the Galaxy of Lights. It was one thing that we all could do together since Daniel is too little to get out around people. Monday night was our night. We got ready, loaded the car, and started down the road. Daniel, of course, slept because it was not his awake time of 9-12 p.m. :) Anyway, he had no idea that we even went anywhere.

However, Katie Lee was really looking forward to it.

She made it to about Madison Co. line and she was sound to sleep. (It was only about 7 at night. ) I tried to wake her but she was out, so we turned around and came back home. She woke up at 2 very upset that she missed the lights.

Thursday night we decided to try it again. This time we left Daniel with Mother and Daddy, ate supper out, and then headed to the lights. She prepared herself this time so she would not fall asleep. She talked, sang, and colored in her book all the way there.

She was beyond excited by the time that we got there.

I wish that I had gotten a picture of her as soon as she saw they lights. Her expression of excited was worth it all.

She was also excited that she got to ride in the front to have the best view.

My pictures of the lights are not great, but here is a few.

The ducklets, Katie Lee's word.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Christmas time too.

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Courtney said...

It is so cute how excited she got. Glad she was able to stay away for the second time. Merry Christmas!