Friday, December 23, 2011

Around Our House

We have been spending a lot of time at home here lately. This is not normal for us especially ALL Of us. It has really been wonderful, and I hope that we continue spending more time at home. We have been keeping ourself busy.

Katie Lee and I have been busy in the kitchen. We've made trail mix, snowman, and cookies in the last couple weeks. We also attempted to make a gingerbread house. Well, the icing did not turn our right for us, but that was not a problem. A glue gun works just fine.

Santa sent Katie Lee a special video message. She thought it was great and had to let Daniel see it too.
They have also "played" on the bed.
Daniel is staying awake a little bit more. He is such a good baby.
Katie Lee has been busy with her library.

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Sallye said...

That library is too funny! No one would know she is a teacher's child :). Glad to see you are getting to enjoy your time so much!