Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Class Party

Wednesday morning, Katie Lee had her first Christmas school party. She was so excited. I love how they pray before they eat. She now sings this prayer at every meal.

I should have skipped the chicken and just put apples and chips with dip on her plate.

However, the boys loved the chicken and ate every bit of it.

Cookie decorating for dessert was a big hit. They all loved it. It was fun watching the different ways they did this. Some took their time, others used their hands, some ate more icing than they put on the cookie, some did not want to make a mess, but all had lots of fun.

Her gingerbread man was more like the Grinch with all of the green she added.

I love getting to share these special times with her. She seems to be growing up too fast. I wish that I had taken a picture of her journal for today. They had to draw a picture of what they want for Christmas. She drew a hippo. She is really set on a hippo for Christmas. The only thing that she has asked for. HA I asked if she has ever seen on in the store and she told me that Santa could just get one at the zoo. She said that it would probably take all of Santa's money. Her imagination cracks me up.

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