Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Letter

Kendall and Kinsley.

Today, Katie Lee was lucky enough to be invited to 2 different birthday parties.

The first was for Kendall's first birthday.
Boy, did Kendall love her cake!

The second party was for Kinsley's 2nd birthday.

Somehow in all of the fun, I missed getting a picture of the birthday girl. :(

Fun in the pool.

Everyone watch me!!



As parents we spend so much time teaching our kids to share. You think we over did it a little. :)


A Lovell said...

You really have been watching a lot of PBS/APT this summer! Too bad they weren't the same age and you could have added the number of the day as well.

Alicia said...

Thanks so much for coming! I know y'all must have been exhausted after 2 parties!! I bet Katie Lee slept good Saturday night:)

Tell Donnie I said thank you for getting in the pool with the kids! A+ on daddy duty for him!