Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th events

Happy Fourth of July

We visited with Uncle Virg.

We had a cook out at Grammie and Poppie's.
Grammie got Katie Lee some cotton candy. She was excited about it until she tasted it. She tried and tried to get it out of her mouth and could not firgure out that it dissolves.

We watched the fireworks from Athens High School. We parked at the tire store. The Harbin family was there. Katie Lee had so much fun playing with Hunter.

By the way, Daddy and Donnie rode to town in the back of the truck. REDNECK!! :)


A Lovell said...

Look's like a good 4th. Katie Lee's outfit is so cute. I also wish I could have seen Donnie and Poppie riding down the rode redneck style...I love it!

Little Gifts From God said...

I loved Katie Lee's outfit! About riding in the back of the vehicle, Will rode in front of our refrigerator in a chair so that he could put his big self up against it. I guess we were rednecking it too! LOL