Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That time again

I cannot believe how fast the summer is passing us by. I have just one more full week of summer break before I have to go back to school. I have REALLY enjoyed my time off with Katie Lee. I miss out on so much when I am not with her all day. I do think that she is VERY attached to me this summer. Monday I worked at school all day getting my room ready. I left Katie Lee with Mother and she cried and hung on to my neck. I finally just had to let mother take her crying. Luckily she did get over it in a little while and was fine.

I had planned on working two days at school because I figured that it would take me that long to get it all together. I finished in ONE day!! Here are some pictures of what I have gotten done so far. The rest I can finish on a work day, but this will look nice for parents for parent night before school starts.

I walked into my room looking like this.

We have a jungle theme for fourth grade this year.

I also had a brand spanking new Promethean board with a laptop and projector. I am SO EXCITED about this.

I also got my class list. It has 22 kiddos on it. BIG change from the 28 that I had last year. This will be a good year.

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Courtney said...

Your room looks great. You guys start back early. I start back on Aug.17 and that is too soon for me. The new board looks like what we call a SMART board and if it is you will love it. I don't know what I would do without mine!