Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time for Bed I said

Can you really sleep with too many critters? Katie Lee has got very fond of all of her critters and thinks that she needs to sleep with them all.
It all started with
DOG DOG ( I got for her hoping that it would help her sleep all night),
then came
Melmo (Elmo) (Dada came home with),
Mick Mick and Minnie (from Grammie and Poppie),
Pup Pup came along about a week ago,
and then this week she added
Pink Pink ( the cat) and Piglet.
She has also started adding all of them to her nightly prayer list.
Good Night All!!


The Barnett Family said...

When I was little, I had a lot of critters in my bed too. But the thing with me was, I had to be touching them when I fell asleep. I probably had at least 10 to 15 critters in my bed...good thing I slept in a full-size bed. :) Sometimes, Moma would take my fav. pink bunny and "make" it talk to me. That is one of my fondest memories of my childhood.

Alicia said...

Her bed looks just like Kynsley's! Some mornings I can hardly find her for all of the animals and baby dolls in her bed:) That's just part of being a girl I guess.

Dana said...

As long as it works...go with it! Looks like she is very peaceful. Kaylee just has to settle for Dylan. By the time you get both of them in one little bed there isn't much room for anything else. LOL

Oliver Hudgins said...

Oliver has an entire entourage when he goes nite-nite. At least he's never lonely!

A Lovell said...

Emma has to have at least one "pet animal" or doll to go to sleep too. She has a couple of favorites but no one is an absolute must have. On the other hand William could care less about a stuffed animal...maybe it is a girl thing?