Friday, July 24, 2009


Wednesday night when we got home from church, I had a message from Scott asking if Mary Kaitlyn could come over and spend the day Thursday. Of course I was happy to have her come over. I told Katie Lee and she was so excited. Thursday morning Katie Lee got up asking for "Mary." She soon got to the house. I could have just left. Besides the fact that an adult was needed, I was useless. Katie Lee had poor Mary doing everything for her. We went to Chick-fa-la for lunch. She had to sit beside "Mary" and Mary had to get her food ready. Then to Wal-Mart where Mary had to push the buggy and I was told to go away! HA Can you tell that Katie Lee is just crazy about Mary Kaitlyn? I think it is just wonderful that she loves her and her whole family so much!!!

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A Lovell said...

I want to "babysit" Mary Kaitlyn sometime...maybe I would get something done around the house that way.