Monday, April 30, 2012

Just a Little Something

Last week was Secretaries Day. We have the best at our school. They really keep it running, and they are so helpful. I wanted to give them a little something to say thanks. I decided that I would bring them lunch. I made chicken salad with crossiants, grape salad, and cookies. I filled mason jars with the food. I sprayed the rings of the jars and covered the lids. I used spring colors for everything. I placed everything they needed for lunch in a cute little basket and it was ready. I thought they turned out cute.


Faith said...

Hopping over from Kelly's blog. I'm from North Alabama, also! By the way, your little girl is so cute!

wfjones said...

cute, cute, cute. I am sure they appreciated it. How very thoughtful of you!

Elenie Counts said...

Hey girl! I found your blog through Kelly's link up. I am actually from Birmingham, but I love reading blogs from all over Alabama. Anyway, I am looking forward to following. Y'all have a great weekend! :)