Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take Your Child to Work Day

Katie Lee woke up this morning before our alarm goes off. She was so EXCITED that she was getting to go to work with me today for Take Your Child to Work Day. She was so easy to get ready this morning and we were out of the door on time. We took a quick picture together before we left.
She "worked" on the Promethian Board just like Mommy.
We stopped by at the end of the day to tell Mrs. Burton thanks for letting her come to work. Looks like KL had a rough day at work with her hair all a mess. By 10 this morning, she had made friends with a few of my sweet girls in my class who all had pony tails with no bow. Guess who wanted a new hair style even if her hair is not really long enough to stay up?
At lunch she sat with my kids and Makayla who "worked" with her mom rather than going to her class today. They got a special treat of ordering out today from Snappy Tomatoes too.
She had to put her lunch number in to buy her milk just like the other kids.
After lunch it was math time. KL liked working with the girls during Math Workshop time. She loved playing the math games on the IPADS.
At PE time, we got called to the office to be told that we had detention today after school. Mr. Barlow also showed her the cameras that he can watch everything at school.
We did manage to get a few minutes of play time on the playground before the day was over.
Katie Lee said that she had a great day. She was worn out and asleep within 5 minutes of leaving school.

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Crazy Mama said...

She's about as cute as they come!