Sunday, April 22, 2012

Get Away

This weekend, Donnie and I spent the night in Nashville. This was the first time that we have left Daniel to spend the night with Mother and Daddy except for the weekend we were both sick. I think was the first time since Daniel has been born that we have even been out to eat without a child or two. I am by no mean complaining because I LOVE being with my little ones, but it was nice to have adult conversation over dinner. Our first stop was Marcy Jo's for breakfast. This is a little spot in the road at Exit 46 going toward Chapel Hill. The owner is the sister in law to Joey and Rory. Joey happen to be there eating when we got there. His daughter was our waiteress.
After breakfast we headed to Opry Mills which recently reopened. We shopped for several hours taking our time and looking at everything and spending too much.
Later that night we headed to The Cheesecake Factory for supper and of course a slice of cheesecake. I probably consumed enough WW points for a week in this one day and I loved every bite. Luckily my eyes and stomach are not the same size, so I did not completely go over the top. :)
The best part was coming back home to these two sweet little ones.

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