Sunday, April 8, 2012

Medicare, Wagons, and Eggs

Back at Valentine's day Donnie and the littles gave me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. I decided to wait until it got warmer to use it. Katie Lee asked if she could go get a medicare and pedicare too. :) Yesterday was our day for the medicare and pedicare. She was so excited.

Here is here finished "medicare and pedicare." She told Uncle Virg about her medicare and pedicare. He just laughed and told her that he had medicare too. Of course, she did not know what he was talking about when she looked at his nails and snarled her nose. HA
Yesterday afternoon, I cut the grass while Donnie worked on the trim. I took Daniel to Mother's and Katie Lee went later. When I walked over to picked them up, I decided that I would pull them back home. This was Daniel's first ride in the wagon. I think he liked it.
We also decorated eggs. I baked the eggs in the oven. I found this on Pinterest and decided to try it. It worked but I am not sure it was any better than just boiling them.
Katie Lee and Daniel decorating eggs.
Katie Lee showing off the finished eggs. Rubber gloves were used so the "medicare" would not get messed up.
Our finished eggs.
Up next, lots of Easter.

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