Sunday, April 1, 2012

Low Key Spring Break... (Lots of Pictures)

YELP, that is what I had planned until Wednesday afternoon when Stephanie and I started talking about the beach. We had joked about how we should just go to the beach. This was about 1:00. Well by 3:30 I had us a place booked and our bags were packed because we were headed to GULF SHORES!!! This is so out of character for me. I like to have a plan and a schedule. According to Donnie, I am not spontaneous. Well, this time I think I proved him wrong. What was I thinking taking two little ones to the beach without Donnie. :) Well Thursday morning, my two little ones, Stephanie, Mary Kaitlyn, Janie(MK's BFF), and I headed 65 south!!

By 3:00 Thursday afternoon, we were relaxing in our room at the beach.
This little cute one was so good on the ride down but was super happy to stretch out on the bed.

This little cute one could not wait to get to the beach.
She also wanted to play in the pool no matter how cold. :)
By supper that night, she was fast asleep before she ate. Luckily she did eat a roll and woke up enough before bed to eat one chicken finger.
These two pretty girls were all excited about being at the beach too.
Daniel all tucked into "bed." This was the perfect spot for him. He slept all night in his little Moses laundry basket.
The next morning Katie Lee and I woke up when I first feed Daniel, so the two of us went down to the beach early. Not many people were there. I loved having this little time with just her. She is just so sweet in how she plays and what she thinks. I wish I could bottle up this innocents and keep her like that forever.
We played in the sand. Made an alligator and
a sea turtle. Well, we tried but could not do like the girl next to us who made these two sand creatures. They were really amazing.
Later we went back up for breakfast and to wake the sleepy heads, and then headed back down to the beach.

Daniel did great at the beach. I had him all tented and he never got in any sun. He would just sleep or watch what was going on around him.
Katie Lee loved sitting and playing in the sand. The ocean was not anything she wanted to play in and I was so glad.
My two beach bums.
I had so much fun with these two. We did miss Daddy a lot and I am thankful for all the help Stephanie and the girls gave. There is no way I would have done this on my own.
The next night we ate at Lamberts. They are famous for their big rolls. It always makes me feel guilty because of all the food that seems to be wasted.
Daniel was very happy while we ate.
After eating, we did a little outlet shopping. We knew that we could not buy much because we had no room to bring anything home, so I of course saw tons of cute clothes.
We also had to do a little souvenir shopping.
Later that night, me and the little ones treated ourselves to ice cream while Stephanie and the big girls did teenager things.
On our last night while Stephanie and the girls were still out, I was getting mine ready for bed. Katie Lee was saying her night time prayers and we were just talking about our day. I asked what her favorite part of the trip was. I figured she would say everything. She always loves everything. I was surprised to hear her answer. "This," she replies. "What do you mean?" She says, "being right here with you and Daniel." Melt my heart!! She is just the sweetest little thing.
Our last day came way too fast, but we were also looking forward to seeing Daddy.
I could not leave without something for our memory box. Daniel and Katie Lee got t-shirts.

Daniel's said, "I survived Spring Break 2012 with 5 girls." Bless his little heart, he did so good to be so little.
My sweet ones. Both of them are so easy. They just go with the flow and are happy with whatever.
Spring Break 2012 Gang.

This was on the way home. We got stuck in two BIG traffic jams. It took us about 9 1/2 hours to get home. Talk about a long day. We were also driving toward bad weather, so maybe we should be thankful for the traffic jams because we ended up missing most of the weather.

We were packed in like sardeens but they all did so well in such a tight place.

Hope everyone else had a great spring break.

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