Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekend Fun

Last week was my first week at work since Thanksgiving, so now I guess I am working for the weekend. :) My first week was not even a complete week. I worked Monday, off Tuesday thanks to the stomach bug that ran in our family, workshop Wednesday, work Thursday and off Friday. I think it was a nice way to ease back into it because this week has worn me out and it is only Wednesday. It feels like the beginning of school for me. I have a ton of things to get done, LONG meetings in the afternoons, and my stamina to do and be 100 things at once is just not there yet. Anyway with all of that being said, I really enjoyed our weekend. We had no major plans and it was great! Saturday we ate lunch at the Mexican restaurant on the square, then I did a little junk shopping, and came home so Donnie could work on the yards. Sunday was church, housekeeping, and supper with family.

This sweet one was all smiles. He can just look at you and smile. LOVE IT!!
Katie Lee thought she was something in matching pink shirt eating a Popsicle with Mary Katilyn.
I love easy weekends. Only 2 more days and then Spring Break!!!

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