Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Field Trip

Recently, Katie Lee's preschool class went on a field trip to Sci-Quest. She was so excited even though she did not really know what she was going to. I was excited that I got to go since I've never gone there before. This was the first field trip in many years that I got to go on and was not in charge of anything.

Here is Ms. Ann's class all in a row listening to the instructor.

Katie Lee stopped long enough for a quick picture with me. She was so excited that we had a girl's only day.
Pedalling to make the lights turn on.
Having so much fun.
Nothing like a bunch of pretty little girls climbing up a zit wall.
Playing the different xylophones to hear all the sounds.
making bubbles.
Meteorologist Katie Lee giving the weekly forecast.
Smiles through the window.
Making him burp.
Not sure how much actual science they understood from this, but I think they all had a fun time.

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