Thursday, March 8, 2012

Poor Daniel

If you have spent any time with Daniel since he has been born, you would know that his breathing just was not normal. He has had several tests run and been to a few different doctors. Everyone came to the same conclusion that he would most likely grow out of it and be fine as long as it did not get worse and he continued to gain weight. Last Wednesday, I took him back to the ENT expecting that he would say the same thing that he did the last time. The doctor came in, asked a few questions including how much he weighed (he was at 10% which had dropped) and how long did it take to eat (about 25-30 minutes), and then he looked down his throat again. Then he tells me that he needs to have surgery. Most of the rest quickly became a blur. I did hear as soon as possible like Monday, one night in ICU, and that is about it.

Monday was the day. He was just fine, but the rest of us were a nervous wreck.
Katie Lee sitting with him waiting until it was his turn. She has been saying the sweetest prayers for him.

Sweet baby after surgery. It was amazing how much better he breathed right away.

It was no time until he was eating his bottle in about 7-10 mintues. Now maybe he will not burn all his calories trying to breathe and eat.

Not the best picture but it is showing that his oxygen level with no help was at 100. :)

Katie Lee finally got to see him the next night after he was out of ICU. She wanted to sign his "cast" that was covering his IV. I thought that she was signing her name, but she wrote I Love You. (Melt my heart.)

In a couple days, he was all smiles, normal breathing, and ready to go home.

God is Good!!

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