Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Langdon's Family Party

Tuesday night the family got to celebrate Langdon's 1st birthday party. This was planned for Sunday night his actual birthday, but due to all of us being sick, Kathryn changed it.

Of course, Kathryn had the dining room decorated adorably cute with a bear theme.

His pictures sat atop the mantel in her dining room and a banner of each of the last twelve months hung across.
Sweet birthday boy trying out his knife.
Katie Lee playing with the finger cuffs that Kyle incarcerated her with after she changed into one of Aunt Kitty's t-shirts. She never leaves with her original outfit. :)
Sweet Daniel was totally relaxed.
Langdon rolling on the floor. Langdon and his mommy. He had taken three of four steps to her right before this picture.

Daniel snuggled up with Granny (Zeb's grandmother).
Grammie and Poppie with the little ones.

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