Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dentist and Physical Therapist

Yesterday, Katie Lee had to go to the dentist to have two teeth filled. She was not excited about it and truth be told neither was I. After the tooth paste fall apart last time, I was afraid that she would have major dentist anxiety. I had really been trying to talk this up and promised her some incentives to be her best.

We got there in time for her to play for a few minutes. When they called her name she came right out. They took her back to drink the "magic drink" to help her relax. We then had to sit and wait for about an hour until it kicked in. By this time, she was just about asleep.

When we got back, they got her fixed with the purple Mr. Nose. They were out of pink ones so settled for her second favorite colors. She did an awesome job, with no tears. She even fell asleep while they did it which was wonderful. I thought that she would sleep for several hours after, but nope. She was ready for something to eat. Sadly, she must have bitten her jaw a good bit before the numbness went away. Her jaws are all swollen today and may be like that for another day or two.

Today, Daniel had to go back for a physical therapist check up. He is turning his head so much better now. We have worked the stiffness out. This has also helped his head get to a better shape. Ms. Stephanie was so impressed with him and how strong his neck has gotten that she told him that he had graduated.

Thankful for happy healthy babies.

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