Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a Lunch!!

Yesterday, I hosted a lunch for my mother's sisters and my cousins. Everyone was asked to bring a favorite salad. It was wonderful. The food and the company was great!!

I forgot to get a picture of the table before we all served ourselves, but it looked delicious. This is a picture of our plates.

The girls enjoyed a picnic. They also made some crafts which they loved.
They also tried to play outside but it was just too hot.
The little ones had a good time, too. Here is Langdon, almost 4 months, who has learned that he loves his fingers.
Baby Harper did not miss a beat even if she is only 5 weeks.
I couldn't pass up a picture of these two in there coordinating outfits.

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stephanied said...

What a bunch of cuties :) We enjoyed it so much. Thank you for hosting.