Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Can "Bearly" Wait

Last night Mother and Kathryn hosted a Gender Reveal Party for us with some of our family. Their theme was bears. The table was adorable.

The table was set in a cute bears with pink and blue ribbons.

The delicious cake.
other yummies they made
Take home bags to remember the day with.
Now, lets get to finding out what baby is. I came up with a puzzle game that each couple had to do. Each couple was given a bag with a piece of paper, glue stick, and a bag full of letters that spelled out a message to reveal. The couple that figured out first, won a prize.

Katie Lee kept the secret all day. She did a great job. She is super excited. She got to read what we are having off the ultrasound machine.
Each group began trying to decipher the puzzle.
Eager grandparents could not wait to see what we were having.
Donnie's aunts.
Everyone working hard to find out.
Kathryn and Zeb worked hard. They have a competitive streak in them.
Scott and Stephanie have a competitive streak too. They figured it out first!!
Katie Lee is getting a brother!!!

Donnie getting some practice with a little boy.
I think Langdon was very happy to get a new little boy cousin. Can you imagine what fun these two little boys will have?


Little Gifts From God said...

My guess was right!! I can just see him now with cotton top curly hair!! Can't wait to hear the name that you have finally agreed on!! Love ya'll!!

Al and Brooke said...

That is so exciting!! Love the party and I know Katie Lee can't wait!

The Burns Family said...

So excited for y'all! Having one of each is so much fun! It's the best of both worlds! Love y'all and praying for a healthy baby boy!

Dana said...

Congratulations! I know y'all are so excited. I agree with Angela that having one of each is fantastic. Something happens everyday that amazes me the difference between the two. Katie Lee will be a great big sister!

Courtney said...

Congratulations! I am sure she will be a great big sister to her brother.