Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Outside Project #1

Last week, Donnie had the week off from UPS. He worked even harder at home working on the first flower bed. He is such a perfectionist when it comes to things like this and would not hire any help. I think that it turned out beautiful and I am very proud of all that Donnie did.

We spent a couple days locating all of the plants that we needed. Thanks to Carol Barron for helping me know what plants we needed. Donnie then spent a couple days getting all the wild grass that had grown up in the flowerbed, then he had to move in several loads of dirt, level the bed, and add all the nutritious soil.

Before pictures:

Finally it was time to begin planting. He dug all of those big holes with post hole diggers. I think my arms would have just fallen off especially with those 3 large trees. He did get help moving those because they were so heavy.

Finally he added mulch and the project was finished. He planted about 65 things. I think it turned out great. Maybe when we get to do the rest of the yard, I will be able to help out more.

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Amber said...

Donnie did a great job...he seems like a pretty good guy to have around :)